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31 January 2017


Fix a problem using lookup tables in bitmapped record number versions of apsw, bsddb3, and sqlite3, database interfaces.

Only records on the first segment of the lookup table could be accessed. The segment number is now used when calculating the entry in the lookup table.

gridsup-0.19.11 rmappsup-0.38.12

New versions of dependencies.


23 December 2016


Fix a major problem in query language processing. Constructs including clauses like 'field from value1 to value2' or 'field not gt value' can now be processed.

A clause which follows a mis-spelt boolean operator, 'and', 'or', or 'nor', is now ignored as a consequence. Thus 'f1 eq v1 ant f1 like v2 or f2 is v3' is treated as 'f1 eq v2 or f2 is v3' for example, having spelt 'and' as 'ant'.

gridsup-0.19.10 rmappsup-0.38.11

New versions of dependencies.


2 October 2016


Restore binding to one record selection widget so 'move to' occurs in grid. Other scrolling was not affected.


28 September 2016


Fix crash when closing a bsddb3 database. Problem introduced at basesup-0.21. Typically seen when closing a database rather than quitting the application.

gridsup-0.19.9 rmappsup-0.38.9

New versions of dependencies.


18 September 2016


Fix incompatibility with bitarray-0.8.1 introduced at basesup-0.19. The problem occurred only if bitarray-0-8.1 is installed.

gridsup-0.19.8 rmappsup-0.38.8

New versions of dependencies.


14 September 2016

basesup-0.21.3 gridsup-0.19.7 rmappsup-0.38.7

Documentation changes only.


9 September 2016


Add versions of query language modules which work with the DPT database engine.

gridsup-0.19.6 rmappsup-0.38.6

New versions of dependencies.


7 September 2016


Management of DPT cursors when dealing with partial keys brought into line with a change, made some time ago, to the interfaces to the apsw, bsddb3, and sqlite3, database engines.

gridsup-0.19.5 rmappsup-0.38.5

New versions of dependencies.


5 September 2016


Obsolte modules for deferred update using bsddb3 removed.

Starting a new segment in deferred update is now detected, avoiding much unnecessary checking for existing index records to be spliced.

The method to decide when chunks of deferred updates are done is changed to allow dependant packages to choose the chunk-size based on an estimate of available memory. All earlier code related to problems encountered on OpenBSD is removed: there are ways of allocating more, or less, memory but test whether one of them has been done rather than assume either way. The default remains to do a chunk at a segment boundary (every 65536 records).

Hash indexes can be used via bsddb3 where appropriate, as well as btree indexes.

Management of new DPT cursors changed so when first use is next() or prev() the effect is first() or last(): this had always been the intended behaviour.

gridsup-0.19.4 rmappsup-0.38.4

New versions of dependencies.


7 August 2016

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