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Customise database access to particular database engines. The interfaces to apsw, bsddb3, and sqlite3, use bit-mapped record numbers following the example of DPT. Response times may be improved by installing the 
bitarray module.

Windows only.  Python interface to DPT database engine.
ChessResults (Grading) and ChessTab will use this package if it is installed, but it must be installed separately.
The DPT website has expired so it is not possible to visit it for the source code: see history for details.
The most recent DPT downloads are available here quoting a post by Steve Jenkin on the Model 204 Users - Community page on Facebook.


Populate lists from a database.


Miscellaneous components.


Copy selected emails to a directory, one email per file.


Extract text from emails in a directory with one email per file.  Attachments containing plain text, Office Open XML (*.docx), Open Document Format (*.odt), PDF, or spreadsheets compatible with Gnumeric, are supported.  Plain text includes CSV files.
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All components are distributed under a BSD-style licence.