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The Python package installers and the other (source distribution) Python package downloads were built using the standard Python utility distutils.

Python documentation describes how to install Python packages from source distributions using the standard Python utility distutils (see Installing Python Modules). Briefly the steps are (adapting Python's Unix example to use the source distribution for version 0.17):

gunzip -c chesstab-py2.7-0.17.tar.gz | tar xf -      # unpacks into directory chesstab-py2.7-0.17
cd chesstab-py2.7-0.17
python install

ChessTab can use one of three database interfaces: sqlite3, bsddb3, and dptdb.

sqlite3 is most convenient because it is included in Python distributions.

bsddb3 replaces bsddb which is in Python 2 distributions but not Python 3 distributions. bsddb3 is not in Python distributions and has to be installed separately.

dptdb might be quicker than the other two, sometimes a lot quicker, but it is for Windows only. It might be necessary to do some file sizing if ChessTab's estimates for dptdb do not match the needs of the Portable Game Notation (PGN) format file being imported.

The dptdb package is built from SWIG generated Python modules using MinGW. Instructions are included in the DPT source code download. The DPT website has expired: see changes for details.

The dptdb package is constrained to run only on the Python version used to build it. The Python version is included in the names of the other packages as a hint. It is possible to build dptdb using earlier versions of Python but ChessTab uses at least one feature introduced at Python 3.3.

ChessTab has a 0.n version number because several things deny it production status:

ChessTab does not communicate with Chess Engines and collate the position evaluations returned.

DPT is Windows only. ChessTab does run under Wine on non-Windows platforms but the visual experience is not as good as seen when running on a native Python.