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17 June 2019


Forgot to apply the fix for one of the problems fixed at version 3.1.4 to the relevant module for a DPT database.


13 June 2019


Fix two problems in results_ogd when importing a Grading List downloaded from the English Chess Federation website. Results_ecf and results_lite are not affected.


5 June 2019


Fix problem in import to a database of events exported from another database. Reported grading codes, if any, for a player are expected in imports but were not included in exports.


5 March 2019


New versions of dependencies.

Fix two problems at solentware-base-3.0.1.


20 February 2019


New versions of dependencies.

Include OpenBSD-related improvements at chesscalc-1.1.2.


20 February 2019


The performance, prediction, and population, reports are output between 10 and 100 times faster than previously on OpenBSD; matching response times seen on Microsoft Windows and FreeBSD.


24 November 2018


Add ability to process application/ms-tnef attachments to 'feedback emails' from ECF because these wrap the true feedback attachments. Install tnefparse if you wish, or need, to use this ability. There are alternatives: for example an email client may do the extraction, perhaps silently.

The feedback can now be extracted from a file containing the true attachment (plain/text) or the whole email.

This document explains the need for this change.

Changes to emailstore allow application/ms-tnef attachments containing results to be processed.


21 November 2018


Multiple emails with same From and Date headers no longer cause ChessResults to crash, after fixng a problem in dependency emailstore.

Attempts to create a new database in a folder where one already exists no longer cause ChessResults to crash, but get a suitable response.


18 November 2018


New versions of dependencies.

Databases using the SQLite3 database engine created by earlier versions of chessresults, via either apsw or sqlite3, have to be upgraded by:

'python -m'

after which the database will be accessed correctly by chessresults-3.0 but not by earlier versions.

Databases using the Berkeley DB or DPT database engines created by earlier versions of chessresults are already in the form needed by chessresults-3.0.


17 November 2018


Fix problem in dialogue reporting an error when deleting a database.

Package README file brought up to date.


17 November 2018


Package README file brought up to date.


8 November 2018


Change project name from results to chessresults, but continue the version number sequence.

New versions of dependencies: basesup renamed as solentware-base, gridsup renamed as solentware-grid, and rmappsup renamed as solentware-misc.


8 November 2018


New versions of dependencies: rmappsup renamed as solentware-misc.


3 October 2018


Fix problem in exporting data after deleting an event.

Fix problem in displaying player details after deleting an event.


31 August 2018


Use Emailextract-0.3 rather than Emailextract-0.2 so that Open Document Format (ods) and Office Open XML (xlsx) attachments are handled.

Emailextract-0.3 allows Python package xlsx2csv to be used if Gnumeric is not installed, and allows Python package pdfminer3k to be used if Xpdf's pdftotext utility is not installed.

Where more than one tool is able to do an extract, pdftotext and pdfminer3k for example, the output will probably be incompatible when used by results.

New versions of other dependencies.


31 August 2018

results-1.0.3 results-0.34.21 chesscalc-0.32.18

New versions of dependencies.

These are old major versions of results and chesscalc.


13 August 2018


Use Emailextract-0.2 rather than Emailextract-0.1 so that Open Document Format (odt) and Office Open XML (docx) attachments are handled.


29 November 2017


Remove those parts of extracting text from emails which are not specific to ChessResults to the new Emailextract package.

The conf and *.ems configuration files for the event, used by results-2.2 and earlier, are converted to event.conf and collected.conf for results-2.3 and later without deleting the original files. This happens when the event documents are first opened using results-2.3.


12 November 2017


Collect grading codes, membership numbers, and grades, reported with the game results and display them, together with grading codes links for previous results, to assist in allocating the correct grading code. Grading codes links are taken from the ECF masterlist, available to graders although all the names and grading codes are visible on the Online Grading Database, or the publically available grading list.


30 October 2017


Provide the ability to deal with player names which appear in more than one edition of an event on the Event tab, where it is assumed the same name, qualified by event section, implies the same player. It remains possible to deal with these player names on the New Player tab, where no assumption is made about player identity.

Dependency on gridsup changed to version 1.0.1 reversing the decision to move to a more flexible way of noting dependencies.


4 October 2017


The gui.minorbases package is now present in the distribution files. ChessResults-2.0 does not run because this is missing.

Dependency on gridsup changed to version 1.0.1 or later.


4 October 2017


The gui.minorbases package is now present in the distribution files. ChessResults-1.0 does not run because this is missing.

Dependency on gridsup changed to version 1.0.1 or later.

This version was released at same time as results-2.0.1.


4 October 2017


Remove dependency link on gridsup because chesscalc does not depend on gridsup.


2 October 2017


The concurrent changes to basesup are sufficient to justify changing the major version number. Follow change of major version number in basesup.


2 October 2017


The concurrent changes to basesup are sufficient to justify changing the major version number. Follow change of major version number in basesup.

This version was released at same time as results-2.0.


2 October 2017


New versions of dependencies.


28 August 2017


Ignore lines containing just elements of a swiss pairing table, such as 'b2+' and 'bye=', rather than crashing ChessResults.


22 July 2017


Fix problem which prevented the identify module doing anything useful on non Microsoft Windows platforms when importing results, exported from a database, into a non-empty database.

Accept swiss table results in result first format: like '+b12' in addition to 'b12+'.

Add arbitrary event and person identifiers to game rows in Event Summary report to say without doubt which games are played by a person when the summary includes multiple events.


23 March 2017


Take account of current date when comparing reported matches against fixture list to indicate which ones should have been played.

Fix problem which prevented some exception reports being written to error log. The reports were, and still are, displayed on request when they occurred.


31 January 2017


Fix problem which caused updates from ECF club reference data to be done incorrectly when using the bsddb3 database interface.


New versions of dependencies.


15 January 2017


Fix problem, introduced at results-0.34, which prevents updates from ECF feedback for results submissions.


23 December 2016

results-0.34.15 chesscalc-0.32.16

New versions of dependencies.


28 October 2016


Accept game results in CSV files where each row contains details of a game and the match in which it was played.

Event configuration files use utf-8, rather than ascii, encoding.


22 October 2016


Offer the option of including or excluding non-NUL characters when extracting data from a CSV file which contains NUL characters. The NUL characters are always excluded.


21 October 2016


Allow regular expressions defined in an event's configuration file to detect drawn games like "Smith 1/2 Jones", or similar ways of saying draw. "Smith 0.5 0.5 Jones" or "Smith ½ ½ Jones" and similar were acceptable already in this context, but "Smith 1/2 1/2 Jones" and "Smith ½ ½ Jones" and similar remain not acceptable.

"Smith 1/2 Jones" remains not acceptable in the default one game result per line case, where no regular expressions are put in the event configuration file.


2 October 2016


'Move to' record in player grading details grid works again after correction to dependency.

Problem introduced at results-0.34 which prevented first-time import of ECF master list is fixed. Imports which update an existing copy were not affected.


New versions of dependencies.


28 September 2016

results-0.34.10 chesscalc-0.32.14

New versions of dependencies.


18 September 2016

results-0.34.9 chesscalc-0.32.13

New versions of dependencies.


14 September 2016

results-0.34.8 chesscalc-0.32.12

Documentation changes only.


9 September 2016

results-0.34.7 chesscalc-0.32.11

New versions of dependencies.


7 September 2016

results-0.34.6 chesscalc-0.32.10

New versions of dependencies.


5 September 2016


Tidy-up after removal of obsolete deferred update code in basesup (see Components).


New versions of dependencies.


7 August 2016

See Old history for previous changes.