ChessQL History

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30 November 2023


New version of dependency pgn_read.


8 October 2023


New version of dependency pgn_read.


19 November 2022


Restore pgn-read as dependency to support evaluation of ray filters.

Adjustments prompted by pylint, pycodestyle, and pydocstyle, reports.


6 March 2022


[] section added to pyproject.toml file.


8 October 2021


Installation from wheel (*.whl) format by 'pip' supported.


3 October 2021


Installation instructions are changed: use 'pip' to install ChessQL.


29 September 2021


Apply black formatting, pydocstyle hints, and many pylint hints.


26 July 2020


Support the syntax of CQL version 6.0.4 rather than version 5.1.

A data structure describing a CQL statement is generated, but no code for evaluating the CQL statement is provided. All code related to evaluating the data structure generated for CQL version 5.1 is removed, often transferred to ChessTab.

Piece designator syntax, in particular, is unchanged between CQL version 5.1 and 6.0.4 except for the character used to represent empty squares. The documentation style at CQL version 6.0.4 made it practical to prepare code to parse all filters.

The dependency on pgn-read is removed: if pgn-read is not available assumptions are made about the values of the constants which would be imported.


13 May 2020


New version of dependency pgn_read.


15 November 2019


New version of dependency pgn_read.


11 November 2019


New version of dependency pgn_read.

Project directory structure changed from chessql to chessql/chessql where the implementation moves to chessql/chessql and project descriptions and remain in chessql.


21 May 2019


New version of dependency pgn_read.


21 February 2019


New version of dependency pgn_read.


10 January 2019


New version of dependency pgn_read.


17 November 2018


Package README file brought up to date.


8 November 2018


New versions of dependencies: pgn is renamed pgn-read.

Existing unit tests made up to date.


30 October 2017


New versions of dependencies.


2 October 2017


Initial name followed example of the pgn and uci specifications, but cql is more the name of a product which includes a detailed description of how it works. Hence the change to 'chessql'.


25 June 2017


Initial version.

Chessql validates CQL statements but leaves evaluation of the generated data structures against a database of chess games to the caller.